Lawrenceville Menu


  • standard3.50
    all-beef natural casing
  • grass-fed beef4
    natural casing
  • vegan tofu3.75
  • corn dog4.25
    veggie or all-beef
  • house sausages
  • kielbasa7.50
    pastured pork from North Woods Ranch, grass fed beef from Ron Gargasz Organic Farm
  • italian7
    pastured pork from North Woods Ranch in Wexford, PA
  • vegan6.50
    Field Roast Grain Meat Italian sausage
  • classic franks
  • New Yorker+1
    house kraut, onion sauce, brown mustard
  • Texan+2
    grass-fed beef chili, sharp cheddar, jalapeños
  • Chicago Imposter+2
    relish, onion, banana pepper, pickle, tomato, yellow mustard, celery salt, poppy seed
  • signature franks
  • Pittsburgh+1.50
    potato & cheese pierogi, vinegar slaw
  • Bangkok+1.25
    Thai peanut sauce, carrots, red cabbage, cilantro
  • Koreatown+2
    kimchi, Korean BBQ, bleu cheese, cilantro
  • Bogota+1.25
    pineapple sauce, slaw, potato chips, pink sauce, yellow mustard
  • Reykjavík+1.50
    remoulade, onion, ketchup, yellow mustard, crispy shallots
  • Oahu+2
    house bacon, grilled pineapple, teriyaki, scallions
  • naked franks
  • brown mustard, yellow mustard, Miller’s Mustard, relish, onions, house ketchupfree
  • vegan ranch+.25
  • house sauerkraut+.50
  • grass-fed beef chili+1
  • vegan chili+.75
  • house bacon+1.50
  • sharp cheddar+.50
  • cheese curds+.75
  • franks are served on potato roll or substitute:
  • Vegan Whole Grain+.50
  • Gluten Free+1.50

Sunday Brunch x 2: 22 May 2016

Brunch specials (scroll down) are now served in Market Square, along with the regular menu!  Both locations open 10am to 3pm. New this week in Lawrenceville is the Kitchen Crew Biscuits and Gravy.  Our boys in the back think you won’t be able to eat it... read more


  • frankfurter meal5
  • Standard or Vegan Frank | Corndog +.75
  • Apple Slices or Fries
  • Hot Dog Gummi Candy
  • Slider Meal6
  • Sausage or Beetball Slider
  • Apple Slices or Fries
  • Hot Dog Gummi Candy
  • Pint Sized Poutine7
  • Mini Poutine topped with Chopped Standard or Vegan Frank
  • Hot Dog Gummi Candy
  • add a beverage
  • Organic Milk Box+3
  • Organic Apple Juice Box+3
  • Boylan Soda+3
  • “Holy” Temple+3.50


  • québécoise5|9
    fries, cheese curds, brown gravy
  • texan6|10
    fries, sharp cheddar, grass-fed beef chili, jalapeños (vegan chili available)
  • italienne5.50|9.25
    fries, marinara, cheese curds, olive salad
  • far out6|10
    fries, hippie joe, sour cream, Thai peanut sauce, pickled red onion
  • short rib18
    grass-fed beef short rib, cheese curds, demi-glace
  • Add
  • extra cheese curds+.75
  • house bacon+2.50
  • local sausage+4
  • two falafel or beetballs+2.50
  • sharp cheddar+.50


  • garbanzo fries6
    with Thai Peanut or Garlic Aioli
  • soup of the day6
  • potato cheese pierogi
    with Garlic Aioli or Sour Cream
  • three5
  • six9.25
  • fries3
    hand cut with Garlic Aioli or House Ketchup
  • sweet potato fries5
    hand cut with Garlic Aioli or House Ketchup
  • chili bowl7
  • Grass-Fed Beef or Vegan
  • Add
  • onion, jalapeños, sour creamfree
  • cheddar+.50
  • cheese curds+.75
  • house bacon+1.50
  • pickle spears2.50


  • miso kale6.75|8.75
    kale, roasted root veggies, pickled red onion, crispy sage, sesame miso dressing
  • parmesan basket7
    fresh greens, tomato, pickled red onions, dijon vinaigrette
  • thai peanut8.25
    kale, red cabbage, carrots, cilantro, peanuts, lime, peanut dressing
  • Add
  • house bacon+2.50
  • local sausage+6
  • vegan sausage+6
  • beetballs+3
  • Small5
  • Large7

Not Dogs

  • hippie joe slider duo6.25
    lentil sloppy joe, pickles, pickled red onions, vegan slider roll
  • beetball sandwich6.5
    three beetballs, marinara, on vegan whole grain roll
  • falafel sandwich6
    vegan ranch, banana peppers


  • Le Basic7.50
    2 sausage slider patties, greens, aioli, pickled red onion
  • Burgher9
    2 sausage slider patties, pierogi, vinegar slaw, pink sauce
  • KTown8
    2 sausage slider patties, kimchi, bleu cheese, Korean BBQ, cilantro
  • Add
  • chips+1
  • fries+2
  • salad+3


  • cocktails
  • spring smash12
    Old Overholt, blackberry puree, peach, cardamom bitters
  • the bloody classic10
    blanco tequila, lime, blood orange, Cointreau, orange bitters
  • clean old fashioned11
    Bulleit, Heering, Bauchant, Peychaud's, Luxardo syrup
  • mojita10
    pineapple, basil, Maggie's Farm white rum
  • larryville mule9
    vodka, lime, falernum, ginger beer
  • the big smoke10
    bonded bourbon, smoke, salt, bitters, Laphroaig
  • pimm’s (no. 2)9
    Pimm's, cucumber, St. Germain, lime
  • mocktails4
  • the angry ginger
    lemon, ginger beer, grenadine
  • detoxic avenger
    cranberry juice, maple, cayenne, ginger beer
  • church wine punch7
    port, red wine, scotch whisky, lemon, honey, clove
  • wine
  • red
  • House Red7
  • Fancy Red9
  • white
  • House White7
  • Fancy White9
  • sparkling
  • Prosecco on Tap9
  • bottled beer
  • Fat Head’s Bumble Berry6
  • Free Will Destiny’s Wit6
  • Iron City Light3
  • Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro7
  • Yuengling3.50
  • Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale5
  • Victory Prima Pils5
  • Bell’s Two Hearted5.50
  • Tröegs Perpetual IPA6
  • Founders Rübæus7
  • Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA7
  • New Belgium Golden Ale Glütiny7
  • Red Star Kombucha6
  • Victory Golden Monkey7
  • virgin beverages
  • Boylan Soda3
    free refills - cola, root beer, creme, black cherry, birch beer, ginger ale
  • Natrona Bottling3.25
    Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer
  • Iced Tea3