Have any of you wondered, like I have, why there are so many names that start with the letter “J”, yet there are comparatively few regular words that start with the letter “J”? It’s an unusual phenomenon.

Justin, James, Jack, Jill, Jess, Jeremy, Julia, Jacob, Jesus, John, Jonah, Jennifer, Jordan, Jeff, Jadis, Joseph, Janet, Janktuary*, the list goes on and on.

Yet, on a Scrabble board the letter “J” is worth a whomping 8 points and in Words with Friends it’s worth a colossal 10. I haven’t done an exhaustive study, but I assume that the letter is so highly valued both because it is scarcely available within the game and because it is not an easy letter to cleverly employ. It seems reasonable to postulate that the “J” tile is one that is more likely to keep its spot on a player’s rack and become a detriment rather than an asset at game’s end.

Seriously, of the words on this page not one begins with the letter “J” even though 22 of the 26 letters of the alphabet are represented. Furthermore, there aren’t a lot of names out there that begin with the letters “Q”, “X”, or “Z”.

*In the event of a third child, it will be named Janktuary because Tuba and Sackbut are already claimed. However, if that third child is a triplet it will be named Bubbles, to complement its siblings, Jabón and Agua.