Hi folks! Recently I visited Arizona to survey the sausage scene in that state. Though I had less than 24 hours to explore I came away quite impressed! Perhaps some of what I tried will appear on Franktuary’s menu this spring.  Anyway, check out my latest adventure here:

Since I started this project at the beginning of 2019 I’ve also documented franks in West Virginia, Colorado, North Dakota, North Carolina, Louisiana, Washington, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, California, and Arizona in the US plus Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Chiang Mai, Winnipeg, and Sao Paulo internationally. I also have yet to be released footage from Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, Nova Scotia, and Zurich.

Regrettably, in the recent past I have also had hot dogs in Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, New Jersey, Illinois, Reykjavik, Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna and Tokyo, but failed to capture any of them on film because this project had yet to occur to me.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, you should probably subscribe and check out all my travels as I explore food, primarily sausage, around the world. My goal is to visit a new locale monthly until I have at least all 50 States covered. You can find every video here: