Yesterday Hot D***a turned 10 months old. That in itself isn’t a remarkable fact, but we’re pretty happy about it.

What is remarkable is the breadth of things we’ve experienced since becoming a functional restaurant on October 25.

To change the subject slightly, ever notice how when you’re young and you tell people what you’re doing with your life certain older people who have done a similar thing to what you’re attempting tell you to try something else because what they’ve done is such hard work? Well, I’ve come to realize that no matter what you end up doing with your life hard work is almost always involved if it’s a credible pursuit.

Having said that, it seems like when people discover you’re venturing into the world of restauranteering and small business ownership those cryptic warnings I’ve just referenced come more frequently than ever. So, when we started Hot D***a we expected to have our hands full.

I’m sure we’ve experienced a lot of the chaos most restaurants do in their first year, but I also believe we’ve found ourselves in some curiously unique circumstances. How many tiny restaurant start-ups, without pursuing the opportunity, end up being filmed for a national television audience before they turn five-months-old? Granted, we’ve never actually been on television but the people at The Food Network assure me it will happen- probably in October.

Furthermore, how many tiny restaurant start-ups are discovered by another slightly larger restaurant start-up halfway across the country and threatened with a lawsuit? For all I know, that may be a more common occurrence than I realize. However, surely not many places receive two follow-ups to a seemingly frivolous initial threat forcing them to look into legal council of their own. Of those who do, how many places end up being initially represented pro-bono by their neighbor who, unbeknownst to them, is a certified international legal powerhouse?

My point in writing all this is that whether our future bodes success or failure, it seems clear to me that Hot D***a has become an uncanny focal point of attention for a restaurant of its size, age, and small customer base. Perhaps forces much larger than ourselves are at work. That’s my theory, anyway. Regardless of what happens, I believe we’re in good hands and will come away better for the experience.