On October 25, 2004, two kids just out of college who knew nothing about the food service industry opened a restaurant in the back of an historic cathedral in downtown Pittsburgh. The space, in a back alley, has no direct access door and is poorly equipped to be a restaurant from just about any perspective; it seemed to set its aspiring restaurateurs up for near-immediate failure. Yet 10 years have gone by and those two kids still have their lunch counter in the back of Trinity Cathedral as well as a food truck and a larger bar and restaurant on Butler Street in Lawrenceville. As Franktuary prepares to say goodbye to its original location on July 23, 2014, its founders –Tim Tobitsch and Megan Lindsey– offer a huge thank you to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh, and all of the Trinity Cathedral staff members who have worked alongside the restaurant over the past decade. If each of you hadn’t given us a chance, Franktuary would never have been born and at least one of us fears he’d be spending hours commuting to an office cubicle everyday. We have such respect for your willingness to invest your resources, confidence, and trust in two young adults with whom you had no prior relationship. Wherever our professional and personal lives may lead, we will never forget the opportunity that you provided. Thank you, again.

Frankfully Yours,
Megan Lindsey & Tim Tobitsch
owners & founders

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