And my fancy Apple computer has yet another problem at a crucial moment. I’m beginning to think that buying an Apple has been one of the dumbest purchasing decisions I’ve ever made. Except, literally, everyone else I know who owns an Apple loves their machine. It must be me, right? I guess I just got a lemon. Maybe I’ll give Apple another chance, but my experience so far is akin to being the coach of an incredible athlete who constantly sits on the disabled list and never actually plays in important games.

All I know for sure is that I appreciate technology a lot less today than I did three years ago and five needed repairs later. It’s a good thing I bought that warranty, and a better thing that it lasts for three more weeks.

Well, what can you do? Hopefully this problem (yet again the CD/DVD drive isn’t reading properly) will be the last and I won’t have to think about having to buy a new computer any time soon.