On Saturday October 29 Clarion River Organics and Chef Justin Severino are teaming up to host a 5-course barn dinner. Additional information can be found on Farm to Table Pittsburgh’s Facebook Page.

Just in case delectable local and organic cuisine prepared by one of our region’s most gifted chefs and presented in a unique setting that intimately connects the diner to his food doesn’t provide sufficient incentive to attend, know that proceeds from this dinner will go toward subsidizing CSA shares of low income families.

Nonetheless, earlier today one friend told me he couldn’t make it because “all the Halloween parties are on that night.”  Really?  There are people out there who actually think this way?

Trust me, this is way better than any Halloween party you’re thinking about attending on the 29th.  For starters, a sumptuous natural 5-course harvest dinner clearly trumps a holiday that in its current form primarily exists to promote excessive consumption of highly processed sugars.  Second, everyone knows the coolest Halloween parties are actually held on Halloween, even when that means partying on a Monday night!  Third, while I acknowledge that dressing up can be fun, I’m sure you can wear a costume to this dinner if you’d like.  Lastly, a harvest dinner and Halloween each in their own way celebrate the life cycle, specifically the end of that cycle, or death.  I’ll take the way the former views and celebrates this topic over the latter any day of the week.

Okay, so all the logic in the above paragraph isn’t changing your mind?  Let’s level with one another.  The real reason you likely don’t want to miss your Halloween party is that it’s an excuse for you to be both drunk and socially acceptable simultaneously.  Did I mention there are local spirits featured at this dinner??  And dinner is at 5:30!  What kind of self-styled socialite can’t attend a dinner at 5:30 and also make the Halloween party rounds???

So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up and join me at the table!  While I’ve never attended a barn dinner before,  the reports I’ve heard from people who have are nothing short of glowing.