Franktuary wholeheartedly endorses the signing of this petition. Please give it your consideration.

Food Democracy Now Petition!

At Franktuary, we know that grass-fed beef really is healthier than its mainstream less naturally raised counterpart. We also believe that regardless of whether you choose to drink it, selling raw milk should not be a crime. We believe that allowing individuals and companies the ability to patent seeds is a very dangerous idea. We believe that the option to avoid food products with GMO ingredients should not be a difficult one to choose. Help put an end to the madness that is the current state of our FDA, which opposes every belief and claim I’ve made in this paragraph.

Still not convinced? Here’s a word from Food Democracy Now!, the people behind this petition.

“Last week we sent out an urgent alert calling for the resignation of FDA Food Safety Czar Michael Taylor because of the agency’s inappropriate focus on small family farms that sell raw milk being caught up in armed raids while giant factory farm food safety violators like Jack DeCoster – the man responsible for last year’s massive egg recall that sickened 1,900 people- are getting away without so much as a fine.

This type of disproportionate response to risk and scope of violations that punishes tiny family farm operations with excessive scrutiny and fines, while allowing dangerous factory farm conditions off scot-free clearly indicates that this administration is on the wrong track when it comes to protecting our nation’s food supply.

Incredibly, more than 24,000 farmers and citizens signed the call for Taylor’s resignation in the first 24 hours, but we need more Food Democracy Now! members to help drive the message home to President Obama and officials in his administration. Help us reach 50,000 voices for real change at the FDA. It’s time for a change in this administration, one that puts people’s health over corporate profits.”