Franktuary will adhere to the following schedule throughout the holiday season:

Friday December 22 – CLOSED
Monday December 25 – CLOSED
Tuesday December 26 – CLOSED
**Wednesday December 27- OPEN!**
**Thursday December 28 – OPEN!**
Friday December 29 – CLOSED
Monday January 1 – CLOSED

On Tuesday January 2 we will return to our regularly scheduled hours. The above schedule is so limited because we must keep the same calendar as our landlord, Trinity Cathedral. Don’t get me wrong, time off is a good thing. I just hope we’re not forgotten as we close our doors for so many days in a short time span. Of course, that’s up to you, the blog reader/customer. So, feel free to visit us as 2006 draws to a close and be sure to visit us early and often in 2007!