Today is April 15. Normally that signals a rant about the atrocious state of our tax code from this corner of the internet.

Typically I tell you how the aforementioned code perpetually erodes my sanity and chips away at my soul.  How it causes me to question why I continue with my business.  How it stokes my desire to live the life of a hermit deep in the woods, where trees get to be trees instead of paper spewed from the mouth of a three-headed bureaucratic monster.

When you own a small business it’s always tax season, yet April 15 still holds special significance. But you know what?  While today is April 15, it’s also Sunday.

Not a single NP-5, LS-1, 1040-ES, PA40-ESR, W-2, K-1, W-3, 1099, 1096, 1065, RCT-101, PA-65, UC-2A, UC-2, ET-1, WTE-3, WT-1, 940, 1040, 941, PA-40, PGH-40, RK-1, I-9, W-9, W-4, NRK-1, PA-65M, or 1125A is due.

In celebration, I present you with a list of my favorite things thus far discovered in 2012.  If only these were the mandatory parts of my life instead of tax compliance!

Stephen Potter.  This lesser known British humorist is seriously hilarious.  Seriously.  Find a copy of “The Complete Upmanship” and be very amused.
~Denise Minger and her blog,  Denise composes among the most thorough, well-researched, friendly, and funny writing about nutrition you can ever hope to read, no matter your dietary habits.
~Meatpaper. “We like metaphors more than marinating tips. We are your journal of meat culture.”  That, my friends, is all you need to know.
~Fun.  I learned about this band thanks to an episode of Glee.  I only wish I was hip(ster) enough to say otherwise.  Fun, indeed.
~The New York Rangers winning. A rarity in the world of sports.  Let me have my moment, Pens fans.  My Rangers roots run deep.  Surely a Stanley Cup for the second time in over 70 years is not too much to ask.
~Correct running form.  I read the book “Born to Run” and it all made sense.  And I don’t even like running.  Are you aware that some people out there are capable of winning a foot-race with a horse??
~JAPADOG.  Merges the culture of two of my favorite countries (Canada and Japan) with one of my favorite foods.  Now with a location on St. Mark’s Place in New York’s East Village.  If the beef was grass-fed I’d quit right now.