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Weekend Brunch Menu: Fall 2017

Fall brunch means some County Fair inspired fry bread, corn dogs wrapped in fry bread, onions rings, apple compote on a frank…….deliciousness. The Philly Tubesteak is our take on a Philly Cheesesteak, and is awarded the Probably Most Unintentionally Hilarious Frank Name. There’s a lot of wiener jokes that happen when you run a hot […]

Weekend Brunch Menu: July 2017

We’ve got some fun new things on the brunch menu! Check out our hipster Portlandia Frank, the yinzer-friendly Pittsburgh Breakfast Plate, and the Southern Breakfast Poutine with sausage gravy. Returning to brunch are our favorites, the Good Morning, Frank with eggs, bacon, and cheese; and the Breakfast in Quebec Poutine (fries, gravy, cheese curds, fried […]

Weekend Brunch Menu: May 2017

Brunch your way through May every Saturday and Sunday morning (11 am to 3 pm) with a bacon & egg burger, our beans for breakfast plate, or some tacos frankos. Yes, that’s hot dog tacos, and they’re amazing. See you in Lawrenceville! 

Sunday Brunch Menu: 18 December 2016

Eat one of the last few brunches of 2016 in Lawrenceville! We’re serving breakfast franks and poutines, waffle sandwiches, and mimosas out the wazoo. Wahoo! 

Sunday Brunch Menu: 11 December 2016

Warm up your Sunday with a waffle sandwich, omelettes, chilly morning chili bowl, or a breakfast frank (eggs, cheese, and bacon on top!) Brunch is served 10-3pm in Lawrenceville.