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Is it EVER okay to put ketchup on a hot dog?

While breaking with traditional dogma, Tim answers the age old question of whether it’s ever okay to put ketchup on a hot dog.  Watch the video to learn more and visit this website to support Open Hand Ministries!  

Nine Years of Food Trucking!

Today marks nine years of Franktuary owning a food truck. As I look back, I fondly recall our original model, known to many as Grumps. A converted 1988 postal truck we bought in 2010 that had to have a full engine replacement before the year was out, Grumps proved to be a good business decision […]

North Carolina: 50 Franks 50 States

Tim and his wife Mary take a day trip to North Carolina to survey the hot dog scene in The Tar Heel State. On their journey they visit Green’s Lunch in Charlotte and Kermit’s Hot Dog House in Winston-Salem. At Kermit’s the two connect with their friend Doug, who delves into the hot dog’s value […]

Mustard Moments # 3

In the third episode of Mustard Moments, your host Tim Tobitsch interviews Chris Barker. Better known as Chris No. 2, the Anti-Flag bassist shares some of his favorite mustard memories from his travels around the globe and touches on the challenges of being vegan while on tour. Tim and Chris enjoy a pineapple mustard and […]

In Cod We Trust! — Lent at Franktuary