Franktuary introduces its newest menu additions, the Barackwurst and the Hillbasa.

In a nod to Pennsylvania’s upcoming Democratic presidential primary the restaurant is offering two politically themed menu items as an innovative way of predicting the results of the actual vote, which will be held on April 22, 2008. On a weekly basis Franktuary will announce its poll results, based on the ratio of respective sausages sold, through the website

The Barackwurst, featuring an array of patriotic condiments, is a half-link of knockwurst and a half-link of bratwurst served on two New England top-split rolls. Red grape tomatoes, creamy white horseradish sauce, and crumbled blue corn tortilla chips are drizzled over the two different wursts that have come together to support one cause.

The Hillbasa is a kielbasa split length-wise and served with nearly identical condiments, also on two top-split rolls. “Quite honestly,” reports Franktuary co-owner Tim Tobitsch, “the two products are strikingly similar. However, the Hillbasa does come with a mandated side of Bill pickles, while rumors persist that the Barackwurst is served with a side of whatever one hopes.” When asked about the overwhelming demand that may be created by the novelty menu items Tobitsch quipped, “We’re a very small restaurant, but better we sell out than the politicians.”

Both the Barackwurst and Hillbasa are presented with a running-mate (side order) and Pennsylvania Punch, a locally produced soft-drink from the Natrona Bottling Company, for $7.00. Customers can purchase a Rocky Road to the White House Cherry Sundae for an additional $5.00. Customers who wish to be patriotic while abstaining from meat may replace wursts or kielbasa with two veggie dogs.

At a later date, Franktuary promises to introduce another politically themed frankfurter, the Hot McCainine, to be served with a side of Bush’s Baked Beans. When asked whom it advocates as the United States’ next President, Franktuary refused to play favorites, citing allegiance only to America.