At Franktuary, we ask that you not throw your food basket into our wastebasket. Around here, reusing non-disposable products is something we value.

To the vast majority of customers, I say thank you for supporting Franktuary as well as this concept.

For those of you who routinely place our baskets in the trash I plead with you to stop!

There are signs on the wall near every trash can with graphics and text clearly indicating what to do with not just your basket, but your tray as well. Obviously, some of you don’t read these signs, so I’m hoping you read this blog instead. It’s not so much that I don’t like rooting through trash bags on a daily basis… well, okay, that’s exactly it.

If things don’t shape up I may need to chain all our baskets together and make them only available with a $10 deposit. Sort of like what is done with quarters and shopping carts in some supermarkets. The stakes are high, but the choice is yours, friends.