Sure was a fast weekend. I must have blinked for an exceptionally long time, because I don’t quite understand how it’s already Monday.

Now, I’m not a big advocate of coffee. Not so much my thing. When it comes to food and beverage intake, caffeine is my achilles heel, so to speak. Nonetheless, I have been known to enjoy a cup of joe every now and then. Especially at a good coffee house.

What does that have to do with anything, you ask? Well, I met some seemingly cool people who live on the North Side over the weekend. They appear to have an uncanny amount in common with me. They’re vegetarians, they’re originally from Michigan, they love coffee… hmmm, wrong list. They’re in their mid-twenties, they’ve opened their own business, they want to directly benefit their neighborhood… that’s better.

Anyway, I’m going over to check out their place this evening. The address is 1501 Buena Vista Street. Do it yourself sometime, and read more about them right now!