Dear Customers,

Here at Franktuary, we’ve spent the last several months trying out new hot dog buns, after our original supplier relationship did not work out. You would not think that a hot dog bun is a very complicated product, but as we switched suppliers, shapes, sizes, and styles we found that buns run the gamut from overly squishy to severely hard. It has been an epic struggle: we’ve had soggy buns, smooshed buns, 50 packages of buns delivered at 5:30am to an address that isn’t Franktuary, buns that split apart when you stuff them, buns that are too white, buns that are too baked, a week’s worth of buns that weren’t delivered at all, and more.

Based on feedback we have received, we’re returning to the basic all-American hot dog bun. It’s soft, its hinge stays intact, and the frank sits lower inside allowing for copious condiments. It’s not the shining super-star of bread products – still white flour based – but it doesn’t distract from your hot dog tasting experience. Tim and I believe that the average bun is just an edible hot dog holder anyway. “What’s inside is what counts,” just like your mother taught you during your brooding adolescent years. We still dream of an organic, locally baked, unbleached, unbromated, lightly whole grained bun with the perfect depth of slice down the middle. Hopefully we’ll get there some day, but for now we are happy to offer customers what they prefer.

Thank you for being patient with us, and we apologize for any bad bun experience recently. In fact, if you’ve been “bunderwhelmed” by your Franktuary experience, come back in and tell our cashier. He’ll give you 10% off your entire order to say thanks for your business.

Frankfully yours,
Megan L.
Founder, CEO, and Chief Trouble-Shooter