Recently I learned of an organization called Burgh Bees. The people of this organization teach people like you and me how to raise and care for a hive of honeybees.  In my opinion, these people should be celebrated.  I mean who doesn’t like honey?  Who doesn’t like pollination?  Who doesn’t appreciate a good work ethic?  Finally, when you get down to it, how many of us would have stung someone at some point in our lives, if only we had a stinger?  And since honeybees can only sting once (they lose their lives shortly after) you know they’re not stinging for “kicks” and giggles.

I’ve heard it said that a world without honeybees would quickly become a world without human life.  While I have no idea if that’s true, I’ve also heard many times over that the bee population is struggling.  By all accounts, bees could use our help and we would benefit by aiding them.

Maybe there should be a little more of the Burgh Bees mindset in all of us.  Regardless of where you’re reading this, here’s what Burgh Bees says you can do to help.  There are plenty of options less involved than maintaining a hive.

And where would the hot dog be without honey mustard, anyway??  Well, honey mustard wouldn’t have real honey for one thing.  Probably it would be full of corn syrup which you’d unknowingly be consuming while you down your lunch (somewhere other than Franktuary).  Wait just a minute…