Franktuary is a hot dog shop.  Why do you label yourself Vegetarian/Vegan on some websites and list the restaurant on sites like  We don’t do this to be misleading!  Though we’re not a vegetarian restaurant, vegetarians and vegans have many options at Franktuary, and we’ve had happy clientele for years, so we add those descriptors to our business when we are listing it online.

I used to love eating at the food truck but then you switched to a bun with cream in it and didn’t tell me and then I found out and got mad and don’t eat there anymore.  Yep, we didn’t immediately realize that when we switched to a higher quality bun our truck labeling became misleading.  We apologize for that.  All locations now carry our whole wheat bun, which is vegan, and restaurant menus now label the potato roll with “contains cream” (a new truck menu is coming soon.)  Please come back, we miss you and we’re more responsible and organized now!

Why don’t you label your menu with symbols?  Every place that cares about vegetarians labels their menu with symbols.  Ah yes, the issue of symbols.  Our reason is pragmatic: the symbols don’t fit.  If we labeled our menus for every diet and allergen, we’d have V – VG – GF – DF – N – S listed after some of our foods.  It is too much.  Instead, we rely on our staff.  We ask you to trust our kitchen crew to keep the meat/peanuts/soy etc out of your food, and to trust your server to be well educated about the proper choices for your dietary persuasions.  You may go to some restaurants and get a bad feeling about your server’s grasp of the menu, but at Franktuary our kitchen is constantly communicating with our front of house team through a regularly updated ingredient and allergen guide.  We quiz servers on it, and many of our staff are vegetarian and vegan themselves.

So, I have to ask my server what I can eat?  PLEASE ASK YOUR SERVER WHAT YOU CAN EAT!  We want you and your server to converse about food, because talking about food is part of a great dining experience.  Your server may tell you, for example, about some secret menu items that aren’t printed, or be able to suggest a special item or condiment combination you never would have considered.  We’re proud of our staff and hope that you will trust them the way that we do.

I’m into natural, whole ingredient food so your fake meat veggie dog isn’t really my thing.  We understand!  Our grilled veggie dog is popular with those who do like meat substitutions, but we are always developing alternatives for vegetarians that are made of minimally processed food – vegetables, grains, legumes, fermented soy – and are working on an in-house alternative to the veggie dog.

If I don’t want to eat the processed veggie dog, what are my other options?  We regularly rotate through three flavors of Field Roast Grain Meat sausages: smoked apple sage, Mexican chipotle, and Italian.  They contain more natural ingredients than the veggie dogs, but if you’re gluten-free they are not an option.  (The veggie dog, surprisingly, is gluten-free!)  You can get our fresh, seasonal salads with or without cheese, and they usually have a nut protein on them.  Our fresh soup is regularly vegan or vegetarian.  And if you’re looking for meat shape and texture, our Beetballs are delightful.  Created in house, they’re packed full of shredded root vegetables, tempeh, lentils, nutritional yeast and herbs.  We drop them in the deep fryer for a delicious crunchy exterior.  I like them with provolone and marinara, and they’re also great with our vegan brown gravy.  Which brings me to…

I wish I could eat your poutine with its delicious brown gravy.  YOU CAN EAT OUR POUTINE WITH ITS DELICIOUS BROWN GRAVY!  It’s a bit of a secret, but we made our gravy vegan at the start of our love affair with poutine because we were selling it from the truck and only had space for one type of gravy.  It gets such good reviews that we’ve never even bothered adding a meat based brown gravy.  But shhhh, help keep the secret for us.  You know how some meat eaters are when they hear the word “vegan”!

If the menu lists grass-fed chili, can I substitute the veggie chili instead?  We would be delighted to feed you our veggie chili!  Earlier this year our chefs developed a tempeh-based version, which allowed us to ditch the dried, scary soy mix we used to use.  (Heard of thermoplastic extrusion? You might not ever eat TVP again.)  Our veggie chili is great on franks, on poutine, or in a soup tureen with or without cheese, onions, and jalapeños.  We suggest all three.

So is there a master list of everything I can eat?  We thought you’d never ask.  Our menu is regularly changing, but as of this publication date, here are the meatless items on our menu.  Dairy is marked with a D, eggs marked with an E, honey marked with an H.

Protein Choices:

Veggie Dog

Veggie Sausage



Roll Choices:

Potato *D*


Whole Grain



Condiment Choices:

House Kraut, Veggie Chili, Sharp Cheddar *D*, Cheese Curds *D*, Yellow Mustard, Brown Mustard, Miller’s Mustard, Onion, Relish, Horseradish *E*, Organic Ketchup


Style Choices:

New Yorker – house kraut, onion sauce, brown mustard

Buffalo – bleu cheese dressing *D*, wing sauce, celery

Texan – veggie chili, sharp cheddar *D*, jalapeños – Make sure your server knows you’d like the veggie chili.

Pittsburgh – smooshed pierogi *D*, slaw – Not a typo, our creamy slaw is vegan!

Chicago Impostor – relish, onion, banana pepper, pickle, tomato,

yellow mustard, celery salt, poppy seed

Southern Belle – veggie chili, slaw Make sure your server knows you’d like the veggie chili.

Memphis – slaw, barbeque sauce, potato sticks

PA Dutch – apple onion jam, sharp cheddar *D*

Reykjavic – remoulade, onion, ketchup, mustard, Onion Crunch

Bangkok – Thai peanut sauce, carrot, cilantro  We switched to a non-shrimp-based curry paste just for you.

Negishi – seaweed, pickled ginger, wasabi mayo, sesame

Corn Dog – Make sure your server knows you’d like the Veggie Corn Dog.


Poutine Choices – Ask for no cheese if you like!

Poutine Québécoise – cheese curds *D*, brown gravy

Poutine Philadelphie – provolone *D*, brown gravy, peppers, onion

Poutine Buffalo – bleu cheese *D*, wing sauce, celery

Poutine Texan – veggie chili, sharp cheddar *D*, jalapeños  Make sure your server knows you’d like the veggie chili.


Side Choices

Pittsburgh Pierogi *D*

Mushroom Pierogi *D*

Pommes Frites

Organic Garbanzo Frites – Original or Curry

Kimchi Balls

Dipping Sauces: Garlic Aioli *E*, Miller’s Mustard, Horseradish *E*, Barbeque, Brown Gravy, Bleu Cheese *D*, Wasabi Mayo, Thai Peanut, Tahini Lemon, Sweet Chili Sour Cream *D*, Organic Ketchup

Waldo – seasonal greens, cranberries, walnuts, pickled red onion, bleu cheese *D*, Citrus Vinaigrette

Lancaster – seasonal greens, apples, pecans, local white cheddar *D*, Balsamic Vinaigrette

Pittsburgh – seasonal greens, tomato, pickled red onion, fries, hard boiled egg *E*, Bleu Cheese *D*

Seasonal Soup – Frequently vegetarian or vegan, please ask.

Veggie Chili

Pickle Spears

Pickle Platter – kraut, spears, seasonal vegetables, kimchi

Lemon Mini Mousse – Delightfully vegan!

Dark Chocolate Mini Mousse *D*


Hope to see you soon, vegetarian friends!  If you have suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear from you: