Starbucks is giving out free coffee today, so I had a cup. It was great going down– in all senses of the phrase, “an enjoyable experience.” Nonetheless, I don’t understand how people drink the stuff on a daily basis. Within in two minutes of finishing my cup I had to pee like a racehorse. Then, for about two hours, I was extremely jittery. Getting the appropriate condiments squarely on any given hot dog during today’s lunch rush was an extreme challenge. All the while I still had to pee, despite the fact that I’d already visited the restroom. Twice. Now I’m flat-out exhausted, but I think I still need to pee.

In light of this experience, I’m left to ponder why people sometimes question my health because I eat a frankfurter on most days of the week…

Yesterday I learned that a favorite grocery store of mine, Trader Joes, has an official “tasting panel.” Just who these people are is a secret Trader Joe’s guards closely. All I know right now is that the job sounds incredible and the youngest members of the panel appear to be in their late 40s. Should the good people at TJ’s decide it’s time for a youth movement, I’d sure like to be the cornerstone around which the franchise rebuilds!

Finally, if someone tells you to meet them at 6:60, is that the same as 7:00?… Until 1:96 tomorrow, this is team Hot D***a signing off.