Today a customer ordered a frankfurter salad with “California French Style” dressing. In fact, as I was running through her salad dressing options, she became fixated on the California French alternative. This was because we had neither a California style nor a French style hot dog on our menu. She makes a good point.

I had never given our “California French Style” salad dressing much thought before. Now I’m wondering, how can a salad dressing be both Californian and French at the same time? It doesn’t make any sense. That’s okay, because after all, what’s important is that we all now realize that “California French Style” dressing works well with a frankfurter salad.

In other news, I’m pleased to see that at least one computer dating service is now reading this blog (see comment on January 6). To think, lucyammons15571836 wants to meet me tonight! Maybe I’ll bring some floppy disks to insert in her drive. That would really boot ‘er up, eh?

In serious news, my friend Karis is having an intestinal transplant. It might very well be happening right now. Please pray for her.