Once I answered the phone, “Thanks for calling Hot D***a, this is Tim, can you help me?” It was an accident, but I suppose it’s a good question. I’ll let you think about that as I tell you about the 1973-1974 Washington Hi-Fi Show.

Truth be told, I have no idea what the Washington Hi-Fi Show is or what occurred there in 1973 and/or 1974. Having said that in the very early days of 2003, while wiring a sound system, I found an envelope stashed above the heat ducts in my parents’ basement. Inside the envelope, which prominently displayed the phrase “1973-1974 Washington Hi-Fi Show,” I found a mysterious and finely aged assortment of drugs and corresponnding paraphernalia.

It was an exciting time in my life, but not because I took the drugs I found. My mom and I drove around in her car, ‘shrooms in tow, proudly displaying our find to anyone we ran across. Then we realized such behavior might not be a good idea. After consulting a pharmacist friend and developing a healthy fear of law enforcement we threw the drugs away.

So, the real question is whether any of you can tell me anything about the Washington Hi-Fi Show, in particular the 1973-1974 installment. Can you help me?