Restaurant Mom

Restaurant Mom: A Lucky Woman

I’m a lucky woman. I’ve been working with my female staff to prepare some acts of positive awareness for International Women’s Day and the #ADayWithoutAWoman general strike on March 8, and it has reminded me how much I appreciate all the women who work for me.  The ladies of Franktuary are strong, tough, creative, and hard working, in […]

Restaurant Mom: On Butter, Play-Doh, and Other Edibles

I cook from scratch almost every meal at home.  The food is fast and not anything brilliant, but it has been fun to get the Bean more involved as he grows.  He can dump ingredients into a bowl and crack an egg with the best of them, usually no shells.  He loves the carrot peeler, […]

Restaurant Mom: House of Horrors

Every family has an epic story of illness. When I was in kindergarten, my parents and I all got what we refer to as The Death Flu. For about 48 hours, one or more of us was violently ill. My mom and dad knew that whichever of them wasn’t leaning over the toilet had to […]

Restaurant Mom: Home Purchase Is Not An Emergency

We are a family in search of a home. The evening routine in our one bedroom apartment goes something like this: clean up the living room while The Bean wanders around without a diaper – this helps clear up diaper rash, and adds an element of terror to the nightly toy round up – and then […]

Restaurant Mom: To Save The Earth

I’m procrastinating again.  My goal this week was to write a Very Formal Sustainability Statement for the restaurant, to put in The Handbook.  We took our management team to a green restaurant mini-conference a few weeks ago, and gosh darn it, it’s high time we have a Very Formal Sustainability Statement on the books. Unfortunately, […]