Since it has become popular for the press to name celebrity couplings with a single fused label, such as “Brangelina” or “Bennifer,” I have decided that it is time for celibrities to answer in kind. They should do this by naming their own children the exact label the press has given them.

Since celibrities like to choose out-of-the-box names for their children anyway, I don’t think they’d be opposed to this concept. If a certain celebrity duo were to have more than one baby, the proud parents could simply inverse the name they gave their first child. For example, “Angerad” or “Jenjamin.”

After that, each additional child should be named using the already existing names on an alternating basis with a roman numeral suffix attached (Brangelina II, Jenjamin II, Brangelina III, Jenjamin III etc.).

And one day, if little Brangelina VII and Bennifer IX were to get married, they’d have the opportunity to produce twins- BranniferVX and BengelinaIIX!

PS: I’ve heard a rumor that Harry Potter, Book VII, will be released on 07.07.07.