Franktuary is proud to be hosting two students from the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs.  Mykia Long, from Michigan, and Jon Harmatz, from New York, are overseeing “the greening of Franktuary”, helping identify practices at the store that can be eliminated in order to leave less of a carbon foot print on the environment.  They will also be identifying problems with our customer service and implementing solutions.  Here is Jon’s description of their project goals:

“1.  HFCS Elimination: Franktuary will soon replace all products that currently contain High Fructose Corn Syrup with healthier alternatives.

“2. Composting Waste and Sourcing Recyclable Products: Franktuary is looking to institute a compost program to help break down materials in a more eco-friendly process for the environment.  Franktuary is trying to move away from Styrofoam cups and containers and move towards more eco-friendly materials such as reusable bowls and recyclable or reusable utensils.

“3.  Store Accessibility: Franktuary will be rearranging the store so that it becomes more handicapped accessible for people who are disabled. Individuals in wheelchairs cannot currently reach the garbage in order to throw out their waste, and throughout the years many patrons have commented requesting easier access to the wastebaskets. Franktuary’s Coro Fellows are in place to see if there are any changes that can be made with the store to make it easier for the customer. Please, if you have any feedback — especially about trash experience — we would love to hear it.  Please e-mail us at”

The fellows will be posting a blog each week they are with us, so check back soon!