As I think you might know by now, the trendy cupcake store phenomenon has officially struck Pittsburgh. If you ask me that’s a good thing, because I’ve always enjoyed cupcakes very much. This summer I was in Beverly Hills and had my first experience at a dedicated cupcake store. It’s name was (and probably still is) “Sprinkles.”

Here in Pittsburgh we now have “Coco’s” in Shadyside and “Dozens” in Squirrel Hill. The other day a friend brought my a cupcake from dozens and I washed a frankfurter down with it. Quite good, quite good. This friend also pointed out that Dozens is located directly across from a “Curves” fitness center. It’s the perfect one-two punch! The only important question is whether it’s better to work out and reward yourself with a cupcake afterwards, or knock back a few cupcakes and then work them off at the gym. It’s a beautiful cycle, don’t you think?