This guy comes in today who happens to be a recent graduate of the very school I once attended. Now he does some financial stuff that involves insurance.

He proceeds to tell me that if my partner dies, her spouse is entitled to half of my business as valued by a lawyer I’ve never met. Her spouse can demand the “value” of half the business in cash. Even if I choose to sell the business, but cannot get anywhere near its “value,” I’m still accountable for his entire “half.” Is this true? I suppose so. Crazy? Definitely. And that, of course, is why I’m told I need insurance.

Furthermore, should my partner and I die in the same accident great effort will be taken to determine which of us technically died first. Why? So the right person, whomever it may be, can collect from our business. Oh my. Sometimes being an American just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Too many rules and not enough focus on what really matters.

Anyway, yesterday my bed broke. I fixed it with a hammer! Since you’re probably not busy fixing your bed why not vote for Franktuary as having Pittsburgh’s best hot dog.