A friend of mine was speaking the other day about how she was learning to be comfortable with ownership of things. You see, a few months ago she moved to Pittsburgh and brought everything she owned with her in her Toyota Camry, but now she has an apartment and a few more items than would comfortably fit in her car. I can’t imagine what being able to say something like that must be like.

Don’t get me wrong I’m very grateful for the things I have, but for my entire life I’ve just had stuff that I haven’t had to do very much to earn. Material things have always been plentiful and, to be honest, I’m not always sure what to do with what I’ve been given. In one sense, I feel fortunate to have been trusted with so much to steward, but in another sense I envy the freedom my friend has to be able to make a comment like she did. There are often times that I wish I were able to be in the shoes of someone like her. My brain tells me things would be so simple then, but I’m not really convinced my brain is telling the truth.

Does any of this make sense to any of you? There are a lot of things out of our control, but if you do your best to work with what you have and honor God in the process you’re probably on the right track, eh? That’s what I think, anyway.

Now for the disjointed thought as advertised. I would very much like to form a rock band called “Precious Metal.” More on them sometime soon…