It came in the mail just today. Now, from one phone, I can place all my Coke orders for all my locations. How useful, considering I have but one phone and one location. I wonder if they’ve made the same offer to McDonald’s. THAT would be something else.

Interestingly enough, this letter arrived only days before Franktuary’s scheduled soda fountain removal. If corporate Coca-Cola only knew.

The bottom line is that Coke has made its minimum orders large enough that it’s no longer practical for a restaurant of Franktuary’s size to sell fountain beverages. Rather than extending itself to accomodate “the (fountain) man,” Franktuary is simply hoping that customers have been visiting it for reasons not related to culturally omnipresent soft drinks in the first place.

If you have been coming just for the pop*, I have to say, that’s pretty weird. Nonetheless, I’ve been known to have a quirk or four, so if that is the case I can relate. That’s why we’ll continue to have a dazzling array of carbonated beverages well stocked in our cooler at all times.

While on the subject of digestible liquid I should note that in 2008 we will be expanding and improving our soup selection. After all, something has to go where the fountain once stood.

*I’m from New Jersey, where we say soda. Writing the “word” pop actually made me cringe.