Yesterday was not what I expected. I thought I was going to spend the evening finishing up some paperwork. Instead I cavorted around Pittsburgh with a British journalist who is traveling through the states, with no particular schedule. His purpose is to meet interesting people and then to write about them in a regular column for the UK Metro.

I met him when he happened into Hot D***a seeking free wireless internet. He needed some help with his computer, one thing led to another, and he wound up spending the evening with my friends and I as well as staying over at my apartment. He’s at the very beginning of his three month odyssey, and his columns will begin appearing in his paper sometime next week. I think it might be best if I wait for him to give you a synopsis of our evening, rather than writing about it myself right now. I’ll post the link in this very space as soon as it exists!

And because of this week’s omission, expect a double-dose of the Senile Journey next week, as the exciting adventure draws to a close.