This morning I visited the doctor, which is not something I’ve had to do much of in my life. That reality is not something I take for granted.

The current reality, however, is that something is wrong with my eyes. The current reality is also that I’ve used the word “something” in four straight sentences. Isn’t that something?

Anyway, there is swelling in both of my corneas, but the only reason I’m aware that a problem exists is because my right eye has been very red for the better part of a week. There is no infection and no abrasion so the doctors aren’t so sure what’s happening, or at least they’re not telling me. The good news is I can see just fine, and I don’t feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I have to put a prescription eye drop in my eye every hour I’m awake through Monday morning, when I see the doctor again. There are three possibilities.

1) My eyes clear up and I’m good to go.
2) My eyes don’t clear up (or only temporarily clear up) and the swelling and redness is indicative of a more serious problem.
3) My eye is fine and I’ve always had abnormally large corneas and my right eye has misguided chameleon like qualities.
Strange and exciting, eh?

The best news for now is that my ability to serve frankfurters is in no way impaired, and I’m medically cleared to continue to do so. Here’s to that remaining true!