Left to right: Ginzer, Pittsburgh Sour, Cantautori, Pennsylvania High Tea

Left to right: Ginzer, Pittsburgh Sour, Cantautori, Pennsylvania High Tea

You may already drink local beer, but did you know that Pennsylvania is home to several excellent spirits?  Our creative team has been working diligently to align Franktuary’s bar  program  with our sustainability values, and that means keeping our liquor purchasing in the region and reinvesting in our own community.  The new autumn bar menu features nine locally-focused cocktails developed in house by our bar  staff.


Chris’ Pittsburgh Sour floats local Pittsburgh Winery red zinfandel over a delicious base of organic Wigle rye, lemon and bitters.  Wigle Whiskey distillery is just half a mile from Pittsburgh Winery in the Strip District, and both are within walking distance of Franktuary’s front door!


Back by popular demand, Kelsey has deliciously reinterpreted the Ginzer using a spicy  red pepper syrup, fresh lime juice, and Wigle ginever – Dutch style gin with a multitude of botanicals, great for those who don’t prefer a strong juniper taste.


Philadelphia Distilling brings to the menu four spirits used in house cocktails: Bluecoat gin, an organic  juniper and citrus forward spirit; Shine, a corn whiskey featured in Roger’s Uncle Rebel’s Moonshine Margarita; Shine Salted Caramel, a sweet-shoppe twist on the aforementioned corn whiskey; and the mystical Vieux Carré absinthe which our rep claimed leaves you headache-less and we of course tested!  (It’s true.)  You’ve seen these signature bottles on our shelves, each with a unique shape and color scheme, and now you know that they are being distilled  right here in our home state, in the city of brotherly love.


Independent distillery Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye from Bristol, PA infuses its “live and let rye” attitude to the Pennsylvania High Tea with a delicate Earl Grey tea syrup.  And last but not least, Boyd and Blair distillery in Glenshaw lends their silky smooth potato vodka to our take on the delicate violet-tinted Dead Sea Cocktail.  


Obviously certain spirits cannot be local: the spiky desert agave plant that creates tequila cannot grow in our region, and very few wine grapes are local.  We can still craft your favorites – and we’ve added a list of ten of our favorite classics to the regular menu – but whenever we can use a quality spirit from around here, we’re committed to doing so.


Wine is a bit trickier, but we have brought the best of the New York Finger Lakes region, two selections from Pittsburgh Winery (fermented here from grapes brought into the region), we’re keeping owner and customer favorite Wolffer Estate from Long Island, and welcoming a lovely Brut and Brut Rosé from New Mexico, which was as close as we could source a fabulous sparkling!


Beer was quite simple.  Our tap selection has hyper-local Arsenal Cider – fermented just a few houses up the street! – and excellent nearby ales like East End, Full Pint , Erie’s Lavery, Rivertowne, plus Troy Hill’s Red Star kombucha.  Our bottle list now sports entirely Pennsylvania beer: Full Pint, Lancaster, Troegs, Victory, and Straub.  We’ve even added some budget cans for the, well, aluminumally inclined.


Later this winter we’ll be launching several other great products: Chris is working on bitters and Roger is tackling a house Pimm’s, both from overproof bases that Wigle has developed exclusively for us.  Shawnee Craft Brewery on the other side of the state is percolating a firkin for us to install and next growing season we hope to stock it with herbs and fruit from our gardens out back.


There are loads of great beers outside the Pittsburgh region and we’ll be featuring them as “imports” fairly often.  But for now, join us in the celebration of some incredible libations crafted in our city, state, and surrounding regions!


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