Written by CORO Fellow Mykia Long on February 15, 2010.

Sadly, the time has come and we must say our good-byes. The last six weeks in this enlightening and frank-ful environment has been a tremendous learning experience for my partner Jon and me on so many levels.

As Coro Fellows, we’re always learning about the relationships within the sectors of public affairs (business, nonprofit, and government). The business sector is usually distinct from the others since it seeks to fulfill a single bottom-line, a profit. However, Franktuary’s double bottom-line of educating their consumers as well as making a profit sets them apart from many others in the sector. Their role as a business highlights the many responsibilities they must juggle, such as business expansion and waste sorter effectiveness, while trying to make a profit and promote healthy lifestyles.

Our projects and conversations with farmers, Franktuary’s staff, and others have given us a great opportunity to observe the workings of a small for-profit business and gain some expertise in food systems and sustainability to articulate to others. These experiences have also provided a deeper understanding of food creation processes, sustainable agricultural practices, and other means to encourage a healthful community.

Through our research, interviews, and film/reading assignments, we leave Franktuary having developed a nutrition manual for Franktuary’s staff, assisted in the transition to all recyclable/compostable products, and helped to develop a full-scale recycling composting program for their restaurant.

As we move forward in our next endeavors, we’ll always be grateful for our exposure to a profitable and honest business promoting a healthy community.

We’ll miss you Franktuary…