Word in the Post-Gazette is that Mayor Luke and the city council find themselves in a spat over whether giant 40 foot by 85 foot posters of Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury should be hung on the skyscraper walls of Fifth Avenue Place during the Stanley Cup Finals. These posters would have a Reebok logo and slogan on them. Interestingly enough, both parties are in favor of seeing the posters go up. Ironically, because of the scuffle no posters will be going up. Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of Pittsburgh politics in the air on a cool spring day!

Also, Mayor Luke is disappointed that he might not be able to take an all-expense paid trip to Detroit to see the Penguins play on the road. The poor guy has been able to go to games for free all season but, because of the ticket value of a finals game, he’d be breaking ethics rules by accepting a free pass to watch the Penguins right now. When the going gets “tough,” apparently our mayor voices his grievances in the newspaper. After all, with a $98,000 salary he certainly can’t afford to go to a game and support the city he governs on his own.

So, back to those posters. I’ve got an alternative plan. Why not giant 40 by 85 foot posters of Tim and Megan with the Franktuary logo and the phrase “Bun nation under God”? Luke, city council, this is your second chance.