Hello there. You may have noticed some changes here at HOT BLOGMA. What I mean by that is that I am now making an entry on a daily basis. This change has been inspired by the motivational speaking of Mr. John Daniel Harding, who henceforth in this blog will simply be referred to as “The Big Tipper.” So, if you think I already write too much, you should probably visit another webpage.

If you’re still with me let me tell you about Dr. Pepper. It’s been a very popular option at Hot D***a today. I used to think that Dr. Pepper smelled like lipstick and therefore wouldn’t taste very good. I don’t think that anymore. Regardless of what I think, it seems to go particularly well with the Texan. That’s what my customers seem to indicate with their purchasing patterns, anyway.

This is where things get really interesting. Dr. Pepper isn’t JUST for people who order Texans. In fact, a rather fiscally responsible vegetarian customer of mine ordered a Dr. Pepper today. Truly, it is a drink that pleases the masses.

To further study this phenomenon, moments before writing this to you, I decided to mix a dash of Dr. Pepper with a blue fruit shake… SURPRISINGLY GOOD!