In a brazen attempt to steal business from a brick-and-mortar restaurant selling a similar product, the Franktuary food truck will be setting up shop directly outside its own storefront during downtown Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night celebration.

Normally not open in the evening, Franktuary’s storefront has made special arrangements to be open from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm this Friday, raising questions as to whether it is doing so just to call out its food truck’s unlawful presence.

Pittsburgh’s mobile vending code clearly states that, “No permitted location shall be used by a vendor selling an item like or similar to the primary items sold by another non-vendor business within five hundred (500) feet of the permitted location.”

When reached for comment, the management of Franktuary stated that they were shocked by the development since “perhaps no two food outlets in the city offer a more similar menu.” Co-owner Tim Tobitsch went on to say that he has “no idea whether the storefront or truck decided to operate on Oliver Avenue first.” His business partner, Megan Lindsey, added, “We hope the evening can end peacefully, with customers enjoying the spirit of the season.”

To help resolve this matter, Light Up Night attendees are asked to stop by Oliver Avenue and decide for themselves from where they would like to obtain their food.