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For the rest of you, something new! Over the weekend I attended a lecture/hike on foraging. This is the kind of practical thing I wish I had been taught in elementary school. Instead, I learned valuable everyday life skills, like how to microwave a frozen stromboli. Okay. Maybe I learned a bit more than that. But, still, foraging is a skill everyone should have!

Attend a class like this and you will be amazed by how many edible things surround you, even if you live in the city. It opens your eyes to a natural world which we walk through everyday, yet becomes increasingly invisible as our culture forgets its non-technological roots. Plus, you’ll go home with a pocket full of hickory nuts!

If you’re not yet convinced, examine the case of Japanese knotweed. It is a known invasive species in the state of Pennsylvania. It’s all over the northeast. You cannot destroy your habitat by consuming it. In fact, ecologists encourage you to eliminate the stuff! There is no catch. It’s loaded with resveratrol, a substance people import from China and pay through the nose to take in supplement form. If you harvest it at the right time of year it can be eaten without preparation and tastes like a slightly tart apple mixed with rhubarb. Seriously.

So, what are you waiting for folks? Read up on foraging. Here’s a book by the guy who taught my class. You don’t want to accidentally poison yourself, so its best to begin foraging by searching for an easily identifiable, known, and safe entity. An ideal way to practice is to head downtown and see if you can find a Franktuary! Any time through November 9, say the word “forage” at the cash register and receive 10% off a Locavore!