Earlier today the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette rolled out a nice piece on the very best fountains in Pittsburgh. Notably, Franktuary did not make the list.  And that’s exactly how it should be.

Since 2007, Franktuary has been without a soda fountain.  Those of you who go far enough back may remember the one that used to call our counter home.  What I’m sure none of you remember is the time its water line exploded overnight causing the entire kitchen to flood.  We used a giant squeegee to move water to our drain which, brilliantly, was installed at the high point of our floor.  But that has nothing to do with why we gave our fountain the axe.

It had to go because all of the soda options it offered came with a healthy dose of high fructose corn syrup.  Today we’re proud to say that not a single beverage in the store –soft drink or otherwise– contains HFCS.

Of course, we like fountains of the kind the Post-Gazette references every bit as much as the next frankfurter emporium in the back of a historic gothic cathedral.  Don’t for a moment think that Franktuary doesn’t appreciate a good public display of artistically flowing recirculated water.  In fact, we know the perfect place for Pittsburgh’s next great fountain.  Right across the street from us, where that half-demolished dusty, debris-filled malodorous eyesore of an abandoned building currently sits.  Yes, that would be a welcome change.