Ho-ho!  It’s been a while since Franktuary has made use of its blog.  Sorry about that.  I’ve been busy reading Pooh Bear and avoiding Heffalumps.  I’ve found time for some other things, too.

About those other things…  Franktuary is putting the finishing touches on its 2010 business expansion plan.  Perhaps it should be subtitled, This Time We Mean It”. Anyone interested in perusing?  Shoot an email to tim@franktuary.com.  One look at Appendix 3b (although my personal favorite is Appendix 2) and you’ll suddenly understand the title of this post.

You know what marks the 20th of every month?  Sales tax due.  Possibly I’m grappling with forces far more sinister than any Heffalump could ever be.  Woo-hoo!