Hello, friends. Franktuary’s website is about to undergo a major overhaul. In a word, beware.

Blog entries may be sparse over these weeks preceding the new year. When you visit franktuary.com your computer may spontaneously erupt, spewing magma, volcanic ash, and a mysterious mucopurulent substance from Silicon Valley. If the latter happens we are very sorry, but with computers one never knows.

Seriously, we anticipate a smooth transition, but should there be any complications rest assured that we haven’t forgotten about you. We’ll be here, just like we’ve been for the past five years, when the new site goes live. Hopefully you will be too!

Of course, while our internet presence evolves, we will continue to be open out there in the “real world.” So, what are you waiting for? Come say hello and see us for lunch. Trust me, Locavores taste better in “real life.” From Monday until Friday, between 10 and 3, Franktuary is the place to be. If your boss tells you otherwise, offer to take him out for lunch (at Franktuary) as a holiday gift. Bosses are people too, and deep down they want to leave the office just as much as you!

For those of you who rely on the internet to keep you in the know, follow Franktuary on Twitter. Even as our website transitions, you won’t miss a beat.

Finally, Franktuary will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. A New Year’s Eve decision is pending. And before signing off, I would be remiss not to thank the organizers of Handmade Arcade for a fabulous 2009 event. So, thank you, team HMA. Here’s to Franktuary and Handmade Arcade reaching new heights in 2010!