I’m on a free food streak.

Last night a McDonalds publicity team was on Federal Street asking trivia questions while I was on Federal Street handing out newspapers. Because I knew what a “Number 2 Value Meal” consisted of I won a free Big Mac, soft drink, t-shirt, and water bottle. The strange thing is that a Number 2 on the MickeyD’s menu is a 1/4 pounder with cheese value meal. I’m still wondering why I didn’t win one of those… not that I’m complaining.

I also attended a baseball game last night where I won a free ice cream cone and french fries. As I was leaving the park I stumbled across an untouched plate of nachos.

Today I was handing out newspapers for the Tribune-Review when a woman spontaneously gave me five pieces of delicious pizza as well as an assortment of buffalo wings and celery sticks. I shared my good fortune with a friend.

So, the big question… why am I still hungry?

Let the good times roll. Especially if there’s meat on that roll.