Hiya folks.

Today will be a guest lecture from yours truly, Keith Pozzuto.

I am famous. I am important. I am poor. I am in HOTD***A right now eating a scruptious vegie dog becuase my cholestorol is 387. I am living vicariously through a high school student who just met the rocketts. He is my HEROFACTOR.

Sitting in HOTD***A after the rush of becoming an instant celebrity, Vinny my dog is just lapping up the success of his first internation television experience. I am trying to calm him down. He simply is loving the idea of eating Boars Head franks and drinking berrylicoius shakes.

My dog likes to poop, poop in my house, poop in my living room. For all you out there with animals please listen up, put your dog in a diaper. My dog is in my house without a diaper and he is probably pooping in the living room as i speak. I can’t stand poop.

I love you guys and remember to keep coming to H to the D***A.