Hello, friends of the Frank. As regular readers know, this space is seldom used for shameless self-advancement. Typically people come here seeking enlightenment. After all, this space is a sacred testament to the power of natural casing.

Did I ever tell you, by the way, that a frankfurter is a close relative of baloney?

Nonetheless, today I have a request of whomever may be reading. We at Franktuary would really like the opportunity to serve our Locavore to the globally significant people attending the G-20 Summit. In all seriousness, we think our newest menu item fits tightly with the theme of why Pittsburgh was chosen as a host city in the first place.

If anyone out there has suggestions on how to obtain the right audience for discussing this matter, we’d love to hear from you! Shoot an email to tim@franktuary.com. Free Locavore to anyone making a new suggestion that brings us to our goal!