Relive the Summit with Franktuary’s G20 Plummet Scavenger Hunt!

How do I play this game, eh?

1. Find clues each day via or the right sidebar of Search the interwebs for answers, which means you can play this game from your office chair and it will look like you are “working”.

2. Keep track of your answers. Friday we’ll furnish you with an algorithm to unlock the secret G20 words you will then use to compose a haiku.

3. Top three scorers earn the prizes below, and best haikus will be posted to and in our store. Points will be assigned based on completion, creativity, and correctness.

What do I get??

Third Prize: the official G20 Plummet t-shirt and frankfurter (a $20.09 value!)
Second Prize: the official G20 Plummet t-shirt, frankfurter, and $10 gift certificate (a $30.09 value!)
First Prize: ZIP TIE ESCAPE and a round-trip MegaBus ticket to a location of our choosing (an inestimable value!)

I want some rules!

We’re not very good a “rules” here at Franktuary – here are some guidelines for your scavenging success.

1. Have fun and be creative.
2. You may work with teammates, but you will have to split the prize.
3. Your end-of-hunt Haiku must follow traditional Haiku form though you may use the English language.

Happy Hunting!