Pittsburgh’s Most Tenacious Hot Dog Shoppe to Commemorate Worst Week in History
Franktuary launches “G-20 Plummet“

Pittsburgh, PA (15 September 2010) – Exactly one year ago, Pittsburgh’s downtown business district was making preparations to host the G-20 Summit.  An excited community anticipated a week of record-setting sales and attention in the global spotlight, and Franktuary was no exception.  The Obamas were formally invited for lunch, extra staff was scheduled, and regular hours were extended.  “We envisioned serving our menu items to heads of state and foreign dignitaries,” recalls Franktuary owner Tim Tobitsch.  “While we knew that might not occur, we fully expected a memorable and busy week.”

And memorable it was, but in all the wrong ways.  Sales were nonexistent as downtown Pittsburgh became virtually impenetrable to its own citizens.  Battalions of mounted riot police patrolled the street outside Franktuary, but none came in to dine.  World leaders kept out of sight, showing little interest in supporting the residents of the host city they had so brazenly invaded.

In honor of this debacle, Franktuary has created the G-20 Plummet.  During the Plummet the restaurant will offer its Pittsburgh frank, buried under 20 additional condiments.  Franktuary publicist Frida Marquetza states, “The extra condiments represent the insensitive visitors who disrupted Pittsburgh’s tranquil and prosperous everyday life.  The suffocated pierogie symbolizes our city’s immobilized economy.”

The special menu item will be sold for $20.09 and comes with a unique commemorative t-shirt, designed by local printshop Commonwealth Press, as a keepsake of this historic – and histrionic – event.  Franktuary’s owners hope the promotion will reclaim sales lost during the Summit, estimated to be more than $1,500.

“This Plummet will be held on the one-year anniversary of Pittsburgh’s G-20 Summit, the week of September 20, 2010,” notes Marquetza.  “We intend to hold future Plummets whenever a Summit needlessly interrupts the lives of peaceful urban dwellers somewhere in the world.  Like-minded small businesses in Pittsburgh and elsewhere are invited to join the movement.”

A quick survey of Pittsburgh’s downtown pedestrians yielded mixed opinions about the Plummet.  “Sounds dumb to me.  If the Obama family won’t eat at Franktuary, I don’t see why I should,” said lawyer Don Key.  On the other hand, vacationing family Libby, Terry and Ian Nomor of Texas, were more positive.  “We love the idea.  Small businesses are the backbone of our country.  We’re coming back to Pittsburgh this September so we can get a t-shirt.”


Franktuary is located at 325 Oliver Avenue, in Pittsburgh, PA and is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  To learn more, visit