Hello again, my friends.

We’ve made lots of strides in the garden since the last post. We’ve begun a Garden Feature on the Sunday brunch menu and will be continuing to showcase our produce as the season takes off. Be sure to keep an eye out for the fresh picked brunch features; they’ll only get better and better! For now, let me show you what’s new behind the bushes!IMG_8993

I have installed two new garden beds with recycled wood from a friend’s old garden beds. Special thanks to Ian Smith for donating the wood, compost and soil for these beds. This one is a bed within a bed; we’ll be transplanting into the soil around the raised bed as well. The ladder adds a nice touch to the garden, both practically and aesthetically. IMG_8982

I planted a row of beets, two rows of carrots, and a row of snow peas. They’re beginning to sprout!One row of beets, two rows of carrots and a row of climbing snow peas.

I moved the compost pile to give us another raised bed. I made the blue bed from the recycled wood as well. Now we have four raised beds and so much planting potential!IMG_8970

The first planting of radishes is looking good! We’ve also seeded Gherkin Cucumbers to vine up the stakes. Flowering radish plants are supposed to keep the cucumber beetle at bay. Let’s hope it works!IMG_8975

Chives are going to blossom any day now. Beautiful.IMG_8990

Not everything is quite so beautiful… some things are pure evil. I cleared out lots of this vicious poison ivy. Although I was very careful, I did not go unscathed. IMG_8967

We have worms! I brought in a small number of red wiggler worms to help us convert our food scraps into fine compost. I am very excited to see them in action. Feast, my little friends, feast…IMG_8997

There is always a lot happening in the garden, so much that I can’t fit it all into one post. I’ll keep you updated as we proceed. Until then, feel free to stop by and say hello!


-Haven S