There’s a new hot dog in the Franktuary realm, and we don’t mean a frankfurter.  The restaurant is proud to announce its official canine mascot, Link, who will be presiding over next week’s #FindLInk: Franktuary’s [hot] dog hunt that will send dog and hot dog lovers throughout the city of Pittsburgh to win Franktuary gift certificates.

We caught up with Link recently about his life and loves.

Link holding court in the food truck

Link holding court in the food truck

How long have you been the official mascot at Franktuary?  What did you do before you became famous for endorsing franks and poutine?

Since September 2014.  I spent a while on the street and in shelters before I found my calling.  I was born for this job.

How did you get your name?

My human has had many pets in his life, but he never had the opportunity to name one of his pets until I came along.  He chose Lincoln Franklin because it’s a long name and I am a long dog who deserves a distinguished title.  Additionally, Lincoln can be shortened to Link, like a sausage link.  Franklin can be shortened to frank, like a frankfurter.  My surname, Loxfoot, relates to my lab-dachshund ancestry. I have German-Canadian roots, and my name has been Anglicized.  I believe the original spelling was Lachshderfuss.

Can you tell us what your favorite frank is at the restaurant?

I’m a huge fan of the veggie dog.  Just kidding. That’s the one thing in the restaurant I don’t eat.  My favorite frank is all-beef and bunless, preferably served with a smoky cocktail.

Your human, Tim, likes to take you on walks when you both have time off.  Where do you enjoy exercising?

I’m learning to embrace my lab side and enjoy getting wet.  There are some fabulous dog parks in the area with miles of off-leash trails and streams that don’t go above my head.  Sometimes I see horses!  In the city, I like to walk along Butler Street and make new friends.  This one time a man pulled his SUV over just to get out of his car and give me a can of Pringles.  My best friend, Maxis, lives at Iron City Bikes and we have a great setup for wrestling at his place.  I’m looking forward to making new friends downtown!

Some experts seem to think that poutine is not an appropriate meal for a dog, can you comment on that?

Two words.  Cheese curds.

If you could create a special frank for the restaurant’s menu, what would you put on it?

Cheese curds / Bone Marrow Reduction / Onion Straws / Parsley Garnish

From the Animal Rescue League to the food truck, quite a Cinderella story

From the Animal Rescue League to the food truck, quite a Cinderella story

Can you comment on laws designed to keep canines out of restaurant dining areas?

We’ve taken major steps toward societal equality in recent years, but there’s still work to do.  Discrimination is not a word in my vocabulary.

Anything else you’d like your fans to know?

I was discovered at the Animal Rescue League.  If not for that place, I’m not sure I’d still be here.  I’m grateful to be alive every single day.  Please do what you can to support any of the wonderful animal shelters in the Pittsburgh area.  I have many shelter friends who have so much love to offer the caring human willing to take them home!