Ever wonder how they came up with that name?  I sure have.  I mean, it’s a grocery store… why Giant Eagle?

Why not Humongous Osprey?  What about Enormous Pelican?  Or how about Massive Dodo?  Then again, they could have settled on Substantial Tufted Titmouse, Abundant Sparrow, Gargantuan Blue Jay or Behemoth Hummingbird.

Any of those names would make as much sense as Giant Eagle.  Of course, there’s, Piggly Wiggly and Food Lion in the industry, too.  But a Piggly Wiggly sells some pork products.  And a Food Lion most definitely sells food. Last time I checked there were neither giants nor eagles to be found in an aisle or end cap of our local grocer.  Not even in a Market District.

Maybe Franktuary should consider renaming itself to something equally unfettered by the confines of coherent language.  Something like Authoritarian Hippopotomus. If we did that would you still dine with us??