You know, I’ve been thinking. In my three years of owning a business I have never had the experience of recalling a product. With all the recalls I read about I feel left out. I’m thinking about recalling all t-shirts sold between March 8th and May 15th of 2007, just “because.”

There’s a place in Squirrel Hill that recalls all the gluten from its products before it ever sells them. In other words, it’s a bakery that is entirely gluten free. What’s more incredible is that this bakery, Gluuteny, also boasts products that are 100% casein free. What’s still more impressive is the fact that somehow, even without these traditional ingredients, this bakery is better than any other bakery I’ve visited in Pittsburgh. Perhaps not as amazing but no less important is the staff at Gluuteny, who are collectively courteous, friendly, and generous.

Of course, I’ve recently discovered that my body has a problem with gluten. Ergo it’s possible I’m not being entirely impartial. To that I echo the recent statement of one George Mitchell, “Judge me by my work.” That is to say, visit this website, then head out to Murray Avenue and buy a brownie. You will not be disappointed.