Hey there, folks. For the first time, I’m convinced that people actually read this blog I write. Thanks for that!

Anyway, we at Hot D***a are really pleased with the way our episode of Recipe for Success came together. We wholeheartedly thank each of you who have taken the time to write encouraging things to us in the short time since the episode aired. It’s an awesome feeling to know that what we’re trying to do resonates with so many people, especially those we’ve never met.

Well, it’s my intention to respond individually to everyone who has left me an email address, but that might take a few days to do. For now, let me touch on what seem to be the two most popular questions we’re receiving.

I would love for anyone interested to have a Hot D***a t-shirt or hoodie as soon as possible. Currently we are out of stock on all Hot D***a apparel. We haven’t reordered the hoodies or t-shirts since their first run because they pose a signifcant up front cost, and our budget is as tight as its ever been. However, given the recent influx of interest, I will get on having additional shirts made later today.

Finally, it’s very flattering to know that some of you think we should have an online donation button directly on our website. We should be launching a new and improved website in the very near future, but I don’t think such a button will be a feature. We may, however, add a merchandise section. It’s not that we wouldn’t like to have one, it’s just that it’s hard to find time to get everything done.

In the mean time, if you’re really serious about supporting Hot D***a please send me an email. The address is tim_tobitsch@hotmail.com. We can talk about what that might look like.

Frankfully yours,
Tim Tobitsch for Hot D***a