Yesterday was blog post #263, which also happens to be the house number of where I grew up, which also happens to be the exact number of jolly ranchers that were sitting in a jar at the front of my sixth-grade math classroom back in 1992. I correctly estimated the exact contents of the jar and got to take it home (the jolly ranchers too). The only reason my guess was 263 was because it was my house number.

The year before that I had to estimate how many children it would take to link hands and form a complete circle around my elementary school. My guess was WAY off. I guessed something like 10,000 kids, and in reality the number turned out to be around “36.”

Of the many things I’ve learned in school perhaps the most valuable is that, when in doubt, a student should always give his house number as the answer to a question…

Teacher:“If able to stay awake while turning its pages, what key themes should we take away from Edith Wharton’s novel, The House of Mirth?”
Me: “263.”
Teacher: “Brilliant!”

Anyway, this Saturday is Handmade Arcade at Construction Junction in the East End. Franktuary will be vending hot dogs and other people will be selling crafts. Someone might even be selling jolly ranchers and pages from an old copy of Ethan Frome, fused together to form modern-biodegradable-indie-candy-scented silverware! Seriously, come check it out sometime between 11 am and 7 pm.